3 Indicators That Tell You That Your Brakes Are Failing

Are your brakes squeaking or not slowing your car as they normally do? If so, then this likely means that your brakes need to be serviced or replaced. Though there aren't any clear dashboard indicators to inform you of failing brakes, there are things to look for and listen for in order to understand when and why your brakes are failing. So, to ensure you take your car in when your brakes begin to fail, be sure that you listen and check for the following:

Ratting Steering Wheel:

Your brake rotors are meant to have a flat surface, as this allows the brake pads to quickly and efficiently latch onto them, causing the car to slow. Well, if your rotors are warped, your brake pads can have a hard time connecting with the rotors, which will cause your steering wheel to rattle each time you attempt to brake. So, if your steering wheel rattles when braking, then it is time to have your rotors checked out by a mechanic so you can have them resurfaced or replaced.

Metal Grinding Noise:

Many brake manufacturers install an indicator strip at the bottom of brake pads. Once this strip is exposed, it will contact your rotors, which will cause the loud, grinding noise that you hear. This indicator is a great way to understand when your brakes need to be replaced, so be sure to take your car in for service if metal grinding noise is presented when you brake. Taking advantage of this will allow you to replace your brake pads before any further and expensive damages potentially occur.

Delayed Reaction From Your Brake Pedal:

Does your brake pedal need to be pressed with a good amount of force? If so, and you have to press deeply in order for your brake system to respond, then your brake fluid may be due for a change. Having a mechanic flush out your old fluid and install new fluid will allow your brake pedal to have a faster response time, which can improve your overall braking experience. So, if your brake pedal feels spongy or isn't very responsive, definitely be sure to have a mechanic look into this issue for you.

These signs are great ways to understand when and why your brake system is failing. Not only will they inform you of brake complications, but this will ensure you take your car in for brake service and repairs before any issue becomes worse.

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