3 Things To Take Care Of On Your Vehicle When You Have Some Extra Cash

When you have some extra cash, it can be fun to spend it on things you enjoy. However, it can be beneficial to spend your extra money on maintenance your vehicle needs to continue to provide you with a stable form of transportation. Not all vehicle maintenance is urgent; however, that doesn't mean it is not necessary. #1 Change Your Shocks & Struts Shocks and struts are what provide you with a smooth ride. Read More 

3 Ways To Keep Your Car In Fantastic Working Condition

Your car is not just a luxury item – it is a necessity for you. It allows you to get to and from work each day, make trips to the grocery store, visit your loved ones, and travel further distances when you need to do so for one reason or another. Without a working car, you may not have a way to get around as you normally would, especially if you live in an area where you do not have access to reliable public transportation. Read More 

Signs That Your Need To Service The Brakes In Your Car

Cars and trucks have a lot of moving parts that can make noise when you are driving it, but the brakes have some particular indications that should tell you there is a problem with them. If you are not familiar with these signs, you might not catch them right away. Here are some signs of brake wear or damage to watch and listen for in your car.  Brake Dust It is normal for a car to produce some brake dust as the brakes wear, but if you have large amounts of black, powdery break dust on the wheels of your vehicle, you may have premature wear on the pads or shoes. Read More 

Three Signs Of An Overheating Engine

The engine is the core of your vehicle: without it, your car would not be able to move or function. This means that any sort of malfunction or issue with the engine can be quite serious. One of the most common problems that can afflict an engine is overheating, which can be caused by a variety of different factors. Understanding some of the signs associated with an overheating engine can help you spot the issue early and have it addressed by a professional mechanic before it can cause other complications for your vehicle. Read More 

Making Sure Your Car Will Stop When You Need It To

Keeping your car running properly is important. A car that is serviced regularly gets better fuel economy and is much more reliable than one that is not. But servicing your car is more than just changing the oil every few months. One area often overlooked is the brakes. When Do You Service Your Brakes? If you are driving around with brakes that are making noise or squealing every time you push the brake pedal, you have waited too long to have them serviced. Read More