The Most Common Truck Air Conditioner Repair Issues

If you drive around in a truck for work, you know how uncomfortable it can be in the summer if your air conditioning system isn't working properly. While you might postpone this type of repair on your car, having to spend eight hours or more in a hot truck makes work almost unbearable. Fortunately, many truck air conditioning problems can be fixed quickly and affordably.  

Common truck air conditioning issues and their solutions

1. Your air conditioning system blows cool, but not cold air. If you're getting cool air rather than cold air when you turn on your AC system, it could be an issue with road debris, leaves and/or bugs clogging the condenser. Another possible cause could be a problem with the air cooling fan. If the fan isn't working properly, the cooled air from the air conditioning system can't make it back to the cab of your truck.

2. There isn't a lot of air coming from the vents. Low air flow is another common air conditioning system issue. This, too, can be caused by a number of things. A hose may have become unattached or loosened. Debris or even mildew may have formed along the path between the condenser and the inside of your vehicle, or one of more of the system seals may have opened up and are restricting the air coming through the hoses.

3. The system starts out blowing cold air, but it turns warm quickly. A fickle air conditioning system can be a symptom of many things, the most likely of which is a leak in the coolant. Without sufficient coolant, there just isn't enough material to facilitate the necessary heat transfer to cool the inside of your truck. Flushing the system, repairing the leak and replacing the coolant will solve this issue.

4. A noisy air conditioning system. If your AC system is making a lot of noise when you run it, that could be a sign that your compressor is failing. However, a lot of noise coming from your air conditioning system could also be caused by a loose hose or a bracket that is coming unattached.

Diagnosing and fixing the air conditioning system on your truck doesn't have to be difficult, expensive or complicated. A good truck mechanic can help you ferret out whether it's a problem with your condenser, a missing hose, a leak or possibly an issue with your cooling fan.