Emergency Prepardness: Tips To Consider When Self-Towing Your RV

You finally decided to let go of the anchors keeping you in one location, and get on the road with your RV. But you don't know what will happen on the road. Your RV might need to be towed if you have an emergency, and you might not be able to reach your towing specialist due to a number of possibilities. The following will show you some precautions to consider, should you need to tow your RV.  

Safety Matters

You should know some of the safety measures that must be taken when towing your RV:

--Make sure your vehicle meets the requirements needed to tow the RV you purchased. You can talk to your towing specialist about what those requirements are, as they vary from state to state. 

--The tires on your towing vehicle are of the utmost importance, especially now that you will be hauling something heavy. Be sure to have your pressure checked and any worn tires replaced because statistics show that bad tires can play a factor in vehicular accidents. You should consider snow or all-terrain tires if you are going to be hitting regions that require them.

--Understand that sharp turns and steep hills are your enemy, so be sure to slow down before hitting any of them. Failing to slow down can cause you to lose control, topple over, or damage your axle. Driving slower also helps control the swaying phenomenon, which can be dangerous. 

You can talk to a local towing specialist (such as one from Crouse Body Shop Inc.) about other things you should know when towing your RV. He or she will help you further understand the safety measures that need to be taken. 

Protect Your Towing Vehicle

Heavy hauling will also put a lot of strain on your vehicle, so be sure to consider the following suggestions:

--Think about installing an external transmission cooler to help keep your transmission at a safe temperature; heavy hauling may put your transmission system at risk of overheating. 

--You should also install an external transmission filter to help make sure that foreign particles do not make their way into your transmission system, which can damage the system. You are putting more pressure on the entire vehicle when towing, which may create more debris, making this filter a necessary precaution.

Be sure to talk to your towing specialist about other things that may help prepare you for your road trip, and this preparation should be helpful in the event of an emergency.