Five RV Restoration Improvements To Bring Your Stream Liner Into The 21St Century

If you like to travel and see the open road, an RV can be a great machine to do it with. The only problem is that some of the newest models can cost as much as a new home. This is why restoring old vehicles is becoming popular for people that want to enjoy the open road. If you are restoring an RV, you may want to bring it up to date with modern times. Here are some tips to bring your vehicle back to the future for another adventure:

1. Gutting Your RV To Prepare It For Upgrades

One of the first things you will want to do with your RV is gut all the old finish out of it. This means that you will want to take out cabinets, wall covering and other features. These materials are more than likely old and outdated, as well as extremely heavy. If you leave anything, you will want to make sure you at least have access to the mechanicals to do repairs and improvements.

2. Installing Modern Mechanicals For All The Comforts Of Home

When you finish removing everything you do not want, you will be able to start doing improvements to the mechanicals. You will want to wire your RV with modern technology, such as home networking. You may also want to include some 12-volt DC wiring for some of the devices and modern features you plan on adding. The 12-volt installation can also include USB charging stations and other connections for modern gadgets.

3.Using The Lightest Modern Materials For Keeping The Weight Down

The weight of your RV can affect things like fuel economy when traveling, as well as how it handles. This is why you will want to try to keep the weight down when you do finish work. Look for areas where you can use the lightest materials available. These can be things such as carbon fiber materials for interior features. If you want wood features, use light materials with a veneer wood finish.

4. Updating The Drivetrain For Modern Fuel Economy, Handling And Safety

Lastly, you will want to update the drivetrain of your RV. You will want to make sure that the motor is running at its best and has modern parts. You may even consider replacing it with a motor that gets better fuel economy. You can also update the transmission and rear end. In addition, check the brakes to make sure they are working properly and update them if needed.

These are some tips to help you with the restoration of your ride and bring it into the 21st century. If you need help with some of the most difficult work, contact an auto parts and repair service like Transmissions Northwest to update the drivetrain of your RV.