Prevent Your Windshield Chip From Expanding With These Three Tips

When the windshield of your vehicle is chipped by a rock, it's ideal to book an appointment at an auto garage like A.O.K Auto Body & Glass to have the windshield replaced. Even if the chip is small, it can quickly grow into a large crack that can block your vision and even compromise the integrity of the windshield. If your appointment isn't for a few days, and you still have some driving to do in the meantime, there are several ways you can try to keep the chip from growing in size. Here are three useful strategies.

Keep The Interior Temperature Moderate

One of the easiest ways that the chip in your windshield will expand into a large crack is when the temperature inside your vehicle is drastically different than the exterior temperature. The best way to avoid this scenario is to allow the interior temperature of your vehicle to change slowly. If it's cold outside, skip running your vehicle's defroster, as it blasts heated air directly onto the inside of the windshield. Instead, use the vehicle's heater to slowly raise the temperature. If it's hot outside, run your air conditioner on a moderate setting or lower the windows as you drive to lower the temperature inside the vehicle slowly.

Stay Off The Worst Roads

If you're aware of certain roads in your city that are rife with potholes and ongoing construction, it's best to find an alternative route of travel. The sudden vibration that your vehicle experiences upon hitting a pothole can quickly cause the windshield chip to expand into a large crack. Search online for a list of the streets in your city that are most plagued by potholes; in many cities, the local TV station reports on this issue annually. If you have to travel on such roads, do your best to slow your vehicle as much as possible before you run over each pothole.

Be Gentle With Your Doors

A slammed car door can cause enough of a jolt to make the chip in your windshield grow into a crack. Be mindful of how you close your vehicle's doors and try to do so gently. One strategy is to gently push the door shut until it clicks once and then push your body's weight against the door to fully latch it. Remember to take the same careful approach with your trunk and hood, should you need to open them before you're able to visit the auto garage.