Three Transmission Mistakes To Avoid

Your car is composed of a variety of complex mechanical components, and if any of these devices experience problems, it can create major issues for your car. For many drivers, the various parts of their cars can seem rather mysterious. In particular, the transmission is one part of the car that is often misunderstood, which can lead to some serious mistakes. By being aware of the following couple of mistakes, you can help to ensure that you don't make them.

Mistake: Delaying Minor Transmission Repairs

Many transmission problems will start out as seemingly minor issues, such as rough gear changes. However, these issues will gradually worsen until they have severely compromised the performance of the vehicle. In addition to requiring a lengthy repair, delaying repairs can also result in more expensive repairs.

To avoid these consequences, you should always take your car to a mechanic at the first sign of a mechanical issue. Typically, if you notice any strange sounds, odors or changes in the way the transmission shifts gears, you should have it inspected by a trained professional. While the car may still be able to drive with these issues, they likely indicate a problem that will only worsen as time progresses.

Mistake: Failing To Have The Transmission Serviced

Another common error that people make is to fail to have the vehicle's transmission serviced on a regular basis. When this work is done to the car, a professional will thoroughly inspect the transmission for any signs of damage and wear. In addition to addressing these issues with the transmission, the lubricating fluid will be changed.

While having this type of servicing done to your car may not be particularly convenient, it can greatly extend the life of your car, which will be more than worth it. The exact frequency that your transmission will require this type of work will vary based on its design. Therefore, you will need to consult with your owner's manual to determine when this work needs to be done.

Mistake: Driving A Severely Damaged Transmission To The Repair Shop

If you have waited until your car is showing signs of having a severe mechanical problem, you might attempt to drive to an auto transmission repair shop. However, when the damage has reached this point, it may not longer be a wise decision to actually drive the car to have it repaired. Rather, you should have it towed because it is possible for components of the transmission to warp or rupture. If this occurs, it is possible for the transmission to be destroyed or require a complete rebuild to make it functional again. Both rebuilds and replacements are much more expensive than repairs.

Transmission problems are an issue that many drivers will have to address at some point or another. Unfortunately, there are many people that are not well-informed about this type of automotive problem. By being aware of these three common mistakes, you can help to ensure you avoid them, which can help keep the damage to your car's transmission to a minimum.