Do I Have To Use A BMW-Certified Repair Shop For My BMW Vehicle?

Whether you have purchased a brand-new BMW, or you opted for a pre-loved model, your vehicle is an investment and should be taken care of like any other investment. Finding a BMW-certified repair shop can be difficult, especially if you live in a small town that lacks a BMW dealership. You can have your BMW serviced at other shops, however, it is not advisable for several reasons.


BMW is an import brand, and as a result, has different parts and engineering than domestic vehicle brands. Just like you wouldn't take your laptop to a shoe repair shop for maintenance, you shouldn't take your BMW to a non-BMW certified shop for maintenance, as these mechanics may not be familiar with all the small nuances of BMW maintenance and repair. Your BMW will also need a software update once in a while, when the manufacturer deems necessary. You can't get this software update at your local mom-and-pop auto shop. These updates have to be installed at a BMW dealership.

Parts and Service

You can opt to have your BMW's oil changed at a local shop or a quick change oil shop. However, it is important to call first and ensure the shop has the right oil and the right filter, as BMWs have special oil filters. Again, it is always best to stop by your BMW dealer for any type of service or maintenance, so you can be sure that BMW-recommended parts are being used on your vehicle.


A BMW-certified repair shop is also familiar with any warranty or recall issues that your vehicle may face. Other shops that don't deal with BMW vehicles often will likely not have this information. In addition, if you have a warranty issue, you can't take your BMW to just any repair shop. You have to have it serviced at a BMW-certified shop or you will not be able to have the repairs covered under the warranty. 

Depending upon where you live and the hours of operation for your BMW dealership, you may have to drive a little out of your way or make changes to your schedule to accommodate your BMW's needs. However, it is worth the extra effort to have the peace of mind that your vehicle is well maintained and properly serviced. Taking the time to find the right repair shop like August European will also keep your car running better and extend its lifespan.