Three Questions To Ask Before Leaving Your Vehicle At A Repair Shop

Whether you're in a mild fender bender or more significant accident, one of your first priorities in the day that follows the unfortunate event is to find an automotive repair shop in your city that can make your vehicle as good as new. With so many certified businesses, it's prudent to devote some time to visiting a handful of locations to help determine which shop will best suit your needs. In each visit, you'll likely ask questions about how long it'll take to get your vehicle back and you might also ask some questions about the shop, including inquiring how long it's been in business. Here are three other important questions to pose.

Do I Have The Option Of Used Parts?

If you've decided not to get the work done through insurance and would rather pay out of your own pocket, a significant way of saving money is through the use of some used parts. Asking the repair shop representative if the use of used parts is possible -- and, if so, which used parts would work for your specific job, can start an important discussion. Many repair shops will use certain used parts to save their customers money. While used parts aren't practical for every element of the repair, they're an ideal say to lower your bill if their use is possible.

What Does Your Warranty Cover?

Being absolutely clear on the repair shop's warranty policy is vitally important before you sign any paperwork. It's ideal to partner with a shop that offers a comprehensive warranty that covers both parts and labor. If a warranty only covers parts for the job, you could be facing a significant repair bill because of labor costs in the event of an issue with one of the replacement parts. Always ask to see a detailed explanation of the shop's warranty in writing before you start the process of filling out the work order.

What Experience Do You Have Working On My Make And Model?

It's useful to ask the repair shop's representative about the experience the shop's mechanics have with working on vehicles similar to yours. Ask to see accreditation; many shops have certificates displayed in the reception area that show that mechanics have attended courses offered directly by different vehicle manufacturers. Seeing this information, especially if you have a vehicle make or model that is somewhat uncommon, should greatly increase your confidence in the repair shop.

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