Three Things You May Be Doing To Harm Your Transmission

You probably don't think about your transmission often unless you start experiencing problems with your vehicle. Your transmission is something that you need to be running right in order for your vehicle to even go. At times, you may notice warning signs that your transmission is experiencing problems, but other times there may be very little warning at all. The amount of time your transmission will last depends on how you care for it and how you drive the vehicle. Without even knowing it, you could be hurting your transmission. In an effort to make your transmission last as long as possible, here are four things you could be doing to harm your transmission. 

Wrong Transmission Fluid

Not all transmission fluids are created equal. Using the wrong transmission fluid in your vehicle could do some major damage. In order to determine which type of transmission fluid your vehicle needs, you should take a look at the car owner's manual. This should specify what properties to look for in a transmission fluid. There are four main types of transmission fluids, including HMF fluids, Type F, Synthetic Fluids, and Dexron/Mercon. Each of these types contain different properties that could benefit or harm your vehicle. By matching up the qualities of the type of fluid to what your vehicle needs, you are essentially feeding it what it needs to run optimally. 

Neglecting Weird Noises

The best warning sign your vehicle may give that signifies transmission problems is a weird sound. Should you continue to drive your vehicle even when it is making a strange noise, you could be causing even bigger issues. When you do begin to hear a sound that is not familiar, you want to check it out or have a mechanic check it out. Certain transmission sounds that could signal a problem include grinding gears, buzzing, and even humming. This could be a result of several different issues so you want to make sure you pay close attention to what the sound is coming from so you can relay the information to the mechanic. 

Regular Tuneups

Transmissions require regular checkups just like many other parts of your vehicle. Experts suggest getting your automatic transmission serviced every 60,000 to 100,000 miles and your manual transmission serviced every 30,000 to 60,000 miles. This will help the mechanic see if there are potential problems lingering that could be fixed to help avoid further damage and repairs in the future. If you neglect to change the fluid, debris and contaminants could build up and affect the way the vehicle runs.