4 Tips For Restoring Your Classic Car

If you are planning on restoring a classic car, whether you are still in the purchasing stage or it is your own classic Porsche, there are some things to know first. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you want to restore a classic.

Look For a Car That Starts

When you are still in the process of purchasing the classic car, one of the first things to check is the mechanical system. You can do this by attempting to start the car. While many classic cars being sold won't start, especially if the goal is to rebuild the engine or restore it in other ways, you are ahead if you can one that starts. This doesn't mean it will run well, but it is a good sign that the mechanical system is still in relatively good condition. This can reduce the overall amount of work you need to do. If it doesn't start, bring along someone who is familiar with engines and starters to determine what will need to be replaced.

Get the Repair Space Ready

Another thing to keep in mind when restoring a classic car is that you need plenty of space. You typically need more space than doing basic auto repairs, so your one-car garage might not suffice. Consider how much room you would need if you have a classic Porsche that needs to be dismantled, then rebuilt again. This is going to require a good amount of space. If you have a bigger garage, consider clearing more space so you have enough room and parking your other vehicles in the driveway or on the street. Also have a good place to store parts aside from the work area if you're running out of space, such as a shed in the backyard or a basement if it is dry enough.

Check the Body for Rust

When it comes to the body of the classic car, look for signs of rust. This is deadly to a car, and often requires a good amount of body replacements. This is a good place to start when working on restoring it, so that you can start with a healthy car body, then start working on the engine and other mechanical systems. You may need to strip the chassis and install new steel body panels if there is rust on the old body. While you may not need to replace the entire body of the car, be prepared to remove and replace certain panels that have a lot of rust. Older rust on classic cars is usually not a good candidate for just removing the rust.

Try to Keep Original Equipment

While you will be replacing a lot of the parts of the classic car, try to keep as much original equipment as you can. Even if it is something as simple as one of the mirrors or the hood ornaments. When taking apart the classic car to replace panels or work on the engine, put these items aside so you can reattach them later. If the radio inside the car is still in good condition, definitely save it instead of trying to upgrade the radio. If you need help restoring a car, contact a business such as Porsche Services.