Why You Shouldn’t Roll Your Car Windows Down This Spring

If you are like some people, you might not use your car's air conditioning system often, or at all. However, there are a few good reasons why you should keep your windows rolled up and your air conditioner on this spring. Consider these things, and you might find that you want to visit an AC repair shop so that you can ensure that your car's air conditioning system works like it is supposed to as the weather warms up.

Your Allergy Symptoms Could Get Worse 

Do you suffer from seasonal springtime allergies? If so, driving around with your windows rolled down can be a terrible idea. This allows pollen and other allergens to get into your car, which can make your allergy symptoms worse. Along with avoiding driving with your windows down, you probably won't want to park your car with the windows down, either. Just as your car can become covered with pollen when parked in your yard during the springtime, the inside of your vehicle can also become coated with a layer of pollen. Achoo!

It Could Cause Your Car to Get Dirty

You probably work hard to keep the inside of your car nice and clean—or maybe you don't—but either way, having your windows down while you're riding around is an invitation for the interior of your vehicle to become covered in dust and dirt. Keeping your windows up can help you keep the inside of your car a whole lot cleaner and can cut down on the work that you have to do when it comes to cleaning the inside of your car.

It Doesn't Save as Much Gas as You Think

One common defense for riding around with your windows rolled down is the fact that it can help conserve gas. Although this is true in some situations, however, you probably aren't saving as much fuel as you think. In fact, you might even be using more than you would if you kept your windows up and ran your air conditioner all spring and summer long. Studies show that you will actually use less gas by rolling up your windows and using your air conditioner when going at higher speeds, so you can stay cool and save at the pump by making this change.

As you can see, it's not a good idea to roll your car windows down this spring. Instead, keep the windows up, and keep your air conditioner blasting for optimal comfort and to avoid these problems.