How To Patch A Fiberglass Car Bumper

Car paint is bound to get scratched or rubbed off on certain points. Of course, the most common scratches happen on the bumper. Since the bumper is so often the point of impact, it is made out of fiberglass. First, fiberglass is used because it is more flexible than steel. Also, fiberglass is easier to repair. Car owners can usually patch small dings in a fiberglass bumper if they have the right equipment. This article explains what you need for patching fiberglass. You might have many of the supplies already, so you don't need to invest in an all-inclusive fiberglass repair kit.

What a Fiberglass Patch Includes

A fiberglass patch kits most of the things you need to patch a dinged bumper. They typically include:

  • Fiberglass cloth
  • Fiberglass resin (with tube of hardener)
  • Mixing stick and tray
  • Plastic spreader

Most people have a mixing stick and plastic putty knife, so they don't need to invest in the entire kit. In fact, you can use an old dish or bottom of a plastic bottle for a mixing tray. You only need to buy the first 2 items. This is also nice because it allows you to buy the right amount of resign and cloth. When you invest in the kit, you are often left with all of the excess materials.

In addition to those items, you will also need:

  • Painter's tape
  • Scissors
  • Auto sandpaper sponge

As you can see, the items for the job are simple. But, how exactly do you use them?

Patching Fiberglass

The first step is to cut the cloth to the right size. Obviously it needs to be slightly bigger than the area you are patching. Then, use some tape just on the corners to put the cloth in the right position. Next, you need to mix the resin with the hardener. The instructions on the can will tell you the exact ratio. As soon as the resin is mixed, you need to spread it onto your bumper. Peel the tape away before you apply resin over it. Just wait until enough resin is over the cloth so that it stays in place.

The key is to try and spread the resin as thinly as possible. You will probably need to apply a second coat after the first dries. Finally, use the auto sandpaper to buff out the patch and make it as flat as possible. This is all you need to do to repair a hole or scratch in a car bumper. Contact a company like Budget Automotive Center for more information.