Two Options For Lifting Your Truck Without Changing The Suspension

Whether you're looking to give your truck the appearance of some lift or you just want to balance out the body, there are a few different ways to give your new ride a whole new look. In fact, there are two different options for altering truck bodies if you want to make a change without altering the suspension in any way.

Leveling Things Out

If you park your truck on level ground, you may notice that the front end sits just a little bit lower than the back. This often occurs due to the added weight in the engine compartment of the truck. You can overcome this easily by investing in a truck body leveling kit. These kits are designed to add an inch or so of height to the front end of the truck body to account for the extra weight. This typically levels out the appearance of the truck.

Another benefit to a body leveling kit is the fact that it may give you a little bit more clearance in the front fender wells so that they are equal to those in the rear. This may allow you to install tires that are a size or so larger than the ones that came stock on the truck.

Most leveling kits are easy enough to install on your own if you know your way around the garage and have the tools, but you may need a coil spring compressor if your truck is equipped with coil springs in the front. These can be expensive, so if you don't have one, you'll want to take the truck to your mechanic instead.

Giving The Body a Boost

You can raise the entire truck body if you invest in a body lift. This adds space between the truck body and the frame. You can usually raise the body anywhere from an inch to several inches. Some people opt for these to give the truck the appearance of being taller without physically modifying the suspension or altering the way that the truck handles on the road.

Most of these kits are easy to install, because they're simply polyurethane blocks that you place on each of the body mounts before securing the body. Most kits also include hardened, longer bolts for mounting, which is important because your stock bolts won't fit through the spacer and the mount.

Now that you know your options for adjusting the height of your truck body, you can decide which one is right for you. Whether you just want to even it out or you want a little bit more height, there are options. Talk with your mechanic today to see what might work best for you.