Addressing Two Common Questions About Car Maintenance

Caring for your car is an important task that can seem overwhelming for those that are not particularly informed about these complex machines. For these people, it can be exceedingly difficult to understand some of the more common repairs and problems that a car might encounter. Whether you need to learn about European-car maintenance or American-car maintenance, by learning the following answers to a couple of basic questions about car problems, you will find yourself better able to protect the investment you made in your vehicle to ensure you are getting the most from it.

Why Is the Car Suddenly Consuming More Fuel?

You may one day notice that your car has suddenly started to require more fuel than normal to operate. In addition to being a potentially expensive problem, this issue can also indicate a potentially serious issue for the engine. For example, a clogged fuel filter can contribute to this problem. Due to the lack of fuel, the engine will have to work much harder, which can greatly increase the wear and tear that the vehicle suffers. Another common cause for this problem can be clogged fuel injectors, as these are the components that are responsible for supplying the engine with fuel. Due to the problems that this issue can pose, you should have your vehicle serviced by an experienced mechanic at the first sign of this issue.

Why Will the Catalytic Converter Need to Be Replaced?

To combat the harmful emissions produced by your car, the car is equipped with a catalytic converter. Catalytic converters are essentially chambers on the exhaust system that help to convert these fumes into water and carbon dioxide. Due to their ability to greatly decrease the pollution in cars, they have found their way into almost every make and model of car.

Unfortunately, it is possible for the interior of the catalytic converter to become coated in soot due to these fumes. This will greatly inhibit the ability of the converter to do its job, which can lead to your car's emissions dramatically increasing. Another common source of problems for these converters is corrosion. It is possible for rust to eat a hole in the side of the converter, which will allow fumes to escape before they have been neutralized. Sadly, it is usually not a practical option to repair a catalytic converter, which means that you will need to have it replaced. While you may not want to pay for this type of repair, it can be a minor price to pay to avoid the inconveniences and fines associated with failing to meet your community's emissions standards.