Does Your Vehicle Pull to One Side When Braking? Here Is What May Be to Blame

A vehicle that pulls either to the left or to the right when brakes are applied can be hard to control. The existence of this condition is therefore something that puts both you and your loved ones at risk. It is because of this that it is usually advisable that you not only detect the source of the problem but also fix it as soon as possible. The following are some of the most common causes of this problem.

Uneven tires

Uneven tire sizes or different inflation tire pressures usually create wheels of different rolling diameters. The force generated by the rolling wheels will therefore vary. As a result, the force that is needed to either slow them or bring them to a complete stop will be different.

However, if your braking system is functioning perfectly and the amount of force applied to the tires is the same, then this force will have different effects on the speed at which the tires rotate. The net braking effect will therefore be different. This is what may be to blame for the pulling-to-one-side condition.

If this is the cause of your braking problem, replacing the uneven tires with those of the same size will solve the problem. Inflating the slightly deflated tires to ensure that all the tires on your vehicle have the same inflation pressure may also work. You can go to a company such as Buettner Tire & Auto to buy tires or for assistance with maintenance.

Sticking brake caliper

For effective braking to take place, the brake fluid has to be forced into the calipers, which then press against a piston that then forces the brake pads and the disc to make contact. If a given caliper gets stuck, it will be less responsive to the fluid pressure from the master cylinder. It may end up engaging the brakes even after the brake pedal has been released. The lack of responsiveness to fluid pressure may also cause it to press less against the piston, something that will then cause a less-than-desirable braking effect. The wheel with the stuck caliper will therefore always be out of sync with the other wheels. The resulting uneven braking is what then causes the vehicle to pull to one side.

To determine whether you have a stuck caliper problem, simply check the brake pads of your vehicle. If they are worn unevenly, then a stuck caliper is likely to blame. In such cases, replacing the defective part is usually enough to get rid of the problem.