3 Things To Know About Bad Brakes

Have you decided to invest in new brakes for your vehicle? If you have not already had the brakes inspected by a mechanic, you might want to do so before spending money on new ones. It is possible that something other than the brakes is the root of the problem, and it can be easy to find out. Below, you will learn some helpful information that will give you a general idea of what might be wrong with the brakes in your vehicle.

1. The Brakes Are Too Noisy When Pressed Down

If you have been hearing a loud noise when the brakes are used, it can point to more than one problem. For example, the brake pads might be worn out and simply need to be replaced. The pads are important because they prevent the caliper and disc from making contact. If you have been driving around with worn brake pads for a long time, it likely led to the rotors becoming damaged as well. A mechanic will be able to install new rotors without you having to invest in new brakes.

2. Slowing Down Takes Longer Than It Used To

When brakes are unable to slow a vehicle down in a timely manner, it means that they are not as powerful as they should be. The problem likely points to a problem with the hydraulic system. You must keep in mind that brakes can stop functioning altogether when the hydraulic system is not functioning as it should. You will likely need to get more brake fluid placed inside of your vehicle to help the hydraulic produce enough power for the brakes to work. Make sure that the brake lines are also inspected in case they are damaged and allowing fluid to leak out.

3. The Vehicle Always Moves Into Other Lanes

A vehicle that automatically moves into other lanes can pose a serious risk for getting into a collision. There are a few things that might cause the problem, including the wheels not being properly aligned. However, worn out brake pads can also interfere with how straight you are able to keep your vehicle when driving. You can actually see the brake pads through the spokes on wheels if you want to determine if they are excessively thin. Take your vehicle to get it examined by a mechanic and find out if new parts are needed for your brake system.