3 Things You Need To Know About Saving Money On Renting A Car This Holiday Season

If you are planning on going on vacation and renting a car this holiday season, make sure that you know how to save money on your auto rental.

#1 Rent Away from The Airport

The first thing you need to understand is that when you rent a car, you may end up paying more when you rent from the airport. When you rent from the airport, an airport surcharge is going to be added onto the regular rental charges. Check and see if there is another car rental location in the area that you can rent from instead if the airport surcharge is really steep where you are going on vacation. Many car rental locations will provide you with transportation to and from your location, so if your hotel provides you with a free shuttle to and from the airport, you can have the car rental location pick you up from your hotel and pass the airport surcharge.

#2 You May Already Be Covered with Insurance

You may not need to purchase the extra insurance from the car rental business. If you have collision damage and personal liability coverage on your auto insurance policy, your auto insurance may extend to your car rental. Call your auto insurance before you go on vacation and find out what type of coverage you have and what part of that coverage extends to your car rental.

Next, your credit card company may provide you with insurance as well. Call your credit card company and find out if they offer insurance coverage when you rent a car and use your credit card to pay the fees. This can help you avoid paying for extra insurance when you rent your car, which can cost as much as your car rental itself each day.

#3 Always Inspect the Car

When you get the car you are renting, be sure to take time to inspect the car. Make sure that you look for damage on the car. Pay special attention to the windshields. Be sure to check both the passenger and driver's side for damage to the windshield. Mark down literally any damage as well as wear and tear that you see on the vehicle. Back yourself up by taking time-stamped pictures of the damage as well. You want the car's condition to be properly documented on the rental form. You don't want to be be blamed for damage or wear that was already present.

Save money on your car rental on your holiday vacation by renting from a location other than the airport, using your insurance to avoid paying the up-charge on insurance from the car rental place, and always inspect the vehicle for damage and wear before you sign the rental contract.