Warning Signs That Will Let You Know It Is Time For Brake Service

The brakes on your car or truck will eventually wear to the point that they need to be serviced. The friction material on your brake shoes and pads is supposed to wear over time but how can you tell when they need to be changed or at least inspected? There are some telltale signs that they are wearing and you need to take a look at them.

Squealing Brakes

Often the brakes on a car will begin to squeal when they are applied. In most cases, it is because the pads or shoes are glazed and worn. While they may still be working to stop you, if you don't get them serviced, they may not keep stopping you. Glazed pads and shoes are a symptom of extreme heat in the brakes and it can cause the friction material to crack. If that happens and a piece breaks off, it can damage the rotor, drum, and other parts of the brake system. Have them checked right away if your brakes are squealing so that you know if they need to be replaced or not.

Grinding Sounds Coming From The Brakes

If you have a grinding sound coming from the breaks when you step on the brake pedal, you more than likely have pads or shoes that are so worn that the metal on the shoe and the metal on the rotor are touching each other when the brake is applied. This is an extremely bad condition and should be dealt with as soon as you can get the car or truck into the shop. Long term, this condition will cause damage to the rotor or the drum in the rear and they will likely need to replace, adding to the cost of the repairs. And since the friction material is worn off the pads or shoes, you are trying to stop your car with 2 pieces of steel pressing against each other.

Brake Pedal Fade Or Pulse

Another issue you might have that can indicate an issue in the brakes is a fading or pulsing brake pedal. When the pedal works at first and then begins to slowly sink, it is an indication that there could be air in the brake system and the brakes will need to be bled. A pulsing pedal is normally a symptom of a warped or damaged rotor on your car. In both cases, the car should be taken in for service right away. With any issue that might be related to the brakes, service to the car should be the first thing you consider.

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