How To Handle A Broken Headlight

Do you have a busted headlight? If so, you should do something fast to make sure that you see the road clearly and don't cause an accident. Besides, if you ignore your faulty headlights, you might get in trouble with the police. As there are several solutions for enhanced visibility these days, including LED bulbs, you should not drive a car with burned-out or broken headlights. Even if your older halogen headlights are still working, you can have them substituted for newer models during auto repair. Modern headlights can offer 30% brighter light than halogen headlights.

Replace your broken headlights

If you drive an older model that has two separate headlight bulbs on either side, if one bulb goes out fully or becomes dim, the remaining bulb will soon get faulty. So, as a rule of thumb, you should replace both bulbs at once, even if one seems to be working well. For a consistent field of vision when driving, you can have a technician replace all the four bulbs. On the other hand, if you drive a modern car model with one bulb on each side that serves for low and high beams, have both bulbs replaced. That's because when one headlight bulb fails, the remaining one is usually on its way as well.

Headlight bulbs options

There are three types of headlights: halogen, HID (Xenon), and LED. The majority of vehicles use halogen headlights that use tungsten-filament plus halogen gas to produce bright light. LED or Light Emitting Diodes lights are better than halogen lights because they need less power to run, remain cooler, and last longer. However, LEDs are costlier than halogen lights. Xenon or HID use gas to produce light. They tend to be more long-lasting, energy-saving, and brighter than the other two options. Unfortunately, they are more expensive and require expert installation.

To know the best type of headlights to pick during an auto repair process, read your owner's manual. Alternatively, contact an expert mechanic and ask them for guidance. Basically, you want to select new headlights based on their level of brightness, whiteness, and price. If your car uses halogen light bulbs and it is possible to swap them for new versions, just replace them. If you're looking for the ultimate in terms of luxury and visibility, go for HID lights that have the most unique white or bluish-white glow. This will be an expensive exercise, but it will be worth every penny.

Entrusting the task to an expert

Any auto repair work requires adequate caution and perfection. As a result, car owners should delegate delicate tasks they can not do personally to a professional auto repairer. If you want totally different headlights, then it is more sensible to hire an auto repair shop than to do the job personally. They will easily tell the type of headlight configuration you have now and the best substitutes for you.