Mobile Auto Glass Trackers: How They Work, And What It Means For Customers

Half the uncertainty behind any auto repair is the time it takes to complete the repair. As a customer, you want things to be repaired as soon and as quickly as possible because your car is your everything (almost). When it comes to your auto glass replacement, you may be on pins and needles waiting and wondering why replacing a windshield takes so long.

It does not take as long as you might think, but the problem is that most shops have a lot of other customers ahead of you (most of the time). Each windshield takes one to two hours to replace, if the shop has your exact match piece of glass in place. It takes longer if the shop has to order or locate the glass from somewhere else.

That is where a mobile auto glass replacement service really comes in handy. They have mobile (i.e., cellphone) auto glass trackers. Here is how the trackers work, and what it means for customers like you. 

How the Trackers Work

You download the mobile glass replacement shop's app. Then you open the app, create an account, and request repair service. You enter the location of your vehicle. You are sent text message updates as to where the repair technician is, and inside the app there is a map showing in real time where the repair van is as it makes its way toward you. The estimated arrival time is a nice feature, too. 

What It Means for Customers

First and foremost, it means that you know exactly when the van and the technician will show up at your location. You will get a good idea of how long it will be before your vehicle is going to be fixed, just by how quickly the repair technician and the van take to get to you. Most auto glass shops that offer this service typically have one or two technicians manning the mobile repair vans while two or three technicians stay back in the shop for repairs there. Secondly, this means that you might get your windshield replaced a lot faster and a lot sooner than if you hauled or drove your vehicle into the shop to wait. Thirdly, if the shop does not have your correct matching replacement glass in stock, they figure out how to get it, and then they pick it up on the way to you so that there are no shipping delays. Finally, you can pay for the whole job in advance with a debit or credit card through the app/tracker.