Got A Chip On Your Windshield? How It Can Be Repaired to Ensure Safe Driving

If you have a chip on your car's windshield, you need to get it repaired now. This is even true if the chip is small. Below are some ways to stone chip repair, as well as how to temporary fix the chip until you can get to a professional.

Repair Windshield Chips

A chip in a windshield will only get worse over time. Dirt can get inside the chip, which will make it harder to repair. Every time you use your windshield wipers, this can make the chip worse. If you use windshield wiper cleaner, this cleaner can get into the chip. This can affect the chip because these cleaners have colored dyes, which can get into the chip and discolor this area of the windshield. 

It is best to take your car to a professional mechanic that repairs windshield damage. The mechanic will first inspect your windshield to determine how they can fix the chip. For a small chip, the mechanic will first thoroughly clean the chip to ensure all dirt and other debris are removed, if any. Once they finish cleaning, the mechanic will wait for the area to completely dry before continuing. 

The mechanic first brushes a special type of resin material into the chipped area and then waits for the resin to harden. To make this process go faster, the mechanic will use ultraviolet light. The resin is completely clear when it dries, so it blends in with the glass so you cannot notice it. 

When the resin hardens, the mechanic removes the excess resin until the windshield is smooth. This process will generally take less than an hour.

Temporary Repair

There are things you can do as a temporary repair before you can get your car to a mechanic.  First, cover the chip with clear, packing tape. Never use any other kind of tape as the tape could be too strong and make the chip worse when you pull the tape off.  Do not wash your car's windshield with anything to avoid any type of cleaner getting inside the chip. 

Do not place an adhesive that you make on your own over the chip. You will likely find many recipes online to do this, such as mixing water, rubbing alcohol, and salt. This can be used as a chip repair solution but never works, however, and can make the chip much worse. 

The mechanic you choose can give you more information about how chips are repaired.