Is Your Car Acting Weird? Don’t Ignore These 4 Problems

There are many things that can go wrong with your vehicle, which is why it's important to stay on top of things that need to be repaired. If you notice any of these things happening, take your car to an auto shop to have it repaired. 

Rough Shifting

Rough shifting happens to both automatic and manual transmissions and should be looked at immediately. You may feel your car make a sudden jerk when it shifts gears, which is definitely something that shouldn't happen. While this problem can be fixed with something as simple as putting more transmission fluid into your vehicle, it could also be a more serious problem that your transmission is failing. Rebuilding a transmission can be very costly, so do not ignore that rough shifting problem. 

Brake Squealing

Did you hear your brakes making a squealing sound when you apply pressure to them? This is an indication that you could need new brake pads. There is a metal wear bar that is designed to make this squealing sound when it rubs against the metal rotor. Its purpose is to bring your attention to the brakes because there is no dashboard indicator to let you know that you have very little brake pad material left. An auto shop can inspect and replace worn-down brake pads for you. 

Check Engine Light

Your check engine light is something that you should never ignore because it can mean many different things. Unfortunately, the only way to know what is wrong is by taking your vehicle to an auto shop and having a mechanic diagnose the problem. They have the equipment that can read the code that has triggered the check engine light and tell you what the exact problem is that you are experiencing. Hopefully, the problem is something you catch early and the repair is relatively minor. 

Oil Pressure Light

Another light you have on your dashboard is for oil pressure. This light lets you know that the engine bay is lacking oil pressure for a variety of different reasons. You could be leaking oil and not have enough in the system or burning oil up and being low on oil that way. Your engine needs oil to lubricate all of the moving parts, and continuing to drive can lead to an expensive repair to fix the damaged parts of the engine. 

Reach out to a local mechanic if you need help with auto repairs for your vehicle.