Signs Your Auto Glass Is In Need Of Stone Chip Repair Services

Even if you drive extra carefully and take measures to not follow other vehicles too closely or you take care to stay away from dirt roads (or at least drive slowly on them so you don't kick up gravel and debris onto your windshield), you can still have some stone and rock chip damage. From time to time, you'll have to take your car in for stone chip repair services. This is a common vehicle window repair, but it's not one that people notice right away.

Why would you not be able to see if your windows are in need of auto glass repair? Possibly because some rock chips start out so small they are hard to see at first. Or because you may not think to look for any rock chips because you don't see any on your windshield — and they are on your side or back window instead.

It's important to have your windows attended to professionally if you have issues with rock chips. Otherwise, these tiny chips can turn into cracks that can easily spread and turn into a potentially dangerous and expensive mess to repair. Here are just a few signs you need to have your auto glass checked for stone chip repair services and other needs.

Your auto glass has dark spots

Take a closer look at any dark spots in your auto glass. They might actually be smaller chips within the pane of glass that feels smooth. Any change in the color of your auto glass is a sign that it may be in need of stone chip repair. To be on the safe side, take your car in for stone chip repair services.

Your auto glass has little dents

Your auto glass should be completely smooth. If it's not, then it's in need of stone chip repair services. Even if the glass is not discolored and has no cracks, there is most likely a chip in the glass that is making it dipped or dented in the first place. Even if you don't suspect a stone or rock chip in your auto glass, take it to a specialist anyway. An auto glass specialist will inspect your auto glass and help you determine if the dents are actually stone chips that need to be addressed or just a strange flaw in your auto glass. Sometimes an inspection comes at a low cost. You'll get a quote for auto glass repairs before you have them done.

Contact a company that offers stone chip repair services to learn more.