Do Not Overlook These Important Signs That Vehicle Brake Service Is Needed

The brakes in most modern vehicles are designed to last an impressive length of time. Manufacturers give estimated lifespans for their products. However, brakes may last longer or have a shorter lifespan depending on several factors. Some drivers have driving habits that can wear down their brakes sooner. Some individuals drive regularly in conditions that can lead to them needing new brakes sooner. The following points highlight a few things that might be observed if it is time for vehicle brake services.

ABS Light Illuminated 

Modern vehicles are manufactured with a variety of safety features. When the ABS light is illuminated in a vehicle, it is a sign that something is amiss with the anti-lock brake system (ABS). The light may turn on when the brake pedal is engaged, or it may stay illuminated. It is a sign that the sensors in a vehicle have detected an issue with the brake system. Unfortunately, it does not let drivers know the extent. It could be a warning that new brake pads will be needed soon or that the system is in dire need of repairs.

Less Responsive Brake Pedal

Most drivers expect their brakes to respond immediately. If a brake pedal suddenly starts to require pushing it all the way down to get a response, it is a serious sign of impending brake failure. It may feel like literally "putting the pedal to the metal". The phenomenon can be caused by several issues with the brake system such as worn brake pads, air in brake fluid, or a low level of brake fluid. A brake inspection can determine the nature of this unsafe issue.

Pedal Vibrations

Another strange occurrence drivers who need vehicle brake service may notice is that their vehicles vibrate when they use their brakes. This issue could be as simple as needing to replace brake pads. If a vehicle has been operating on worn pads for a while, the vibrations may be indicative of worn rotors, which is a more expensive replacement. 

An auto service shop is a good resource to use for car brake service. They can inspect the braking system on vehicles and determine if repairs are needed. Sometimes issues such as a bad brake line can cause problems that mimic the need for new brakes. Auto mechanics can make safe repairs and replacements based on their findings. Anyone who suspects that they have an issue with their brakes should treat the matter with urgency due to the increased chances of being involved in a collision. 

For more information on a vehicle brake service, contact a company near you.