Classic Used Car Owner’s Guide: Greasing The Chassis

Buying an older vehicle from your youth can be a lot of fun as you get to cruise around in the same style you did years ago. Once November hits, you might get one or two more chances in  most geographical areas to drive the car before winter sets in and you have to store the car to keep it safe until the warmer days of spring arrives. There is work you have to do on older cars that you usually don't have to do on newer vehicles to keep them in good shape. Read More 

3 Indicators That Tell You That Your Brakes Are Failing

Are your brakes squeaking or not slowing your car as they normally do? If so, then this likely means that your brakes need to be serviced or replaced. Though there aren't any clear dashboard indicators to inform you of failing brakes, there are things to look for and listen for in order to understand when and why your brakes are failing. So, to ensure you take your car in when your brakes begin to fail, be sure that you listen and check for the following: Read More