Three Common Problems With Diesel Engines

If you run a commercial fleet, then odds are good that some or even all of your vehicles use diesel engines. The high peak torque at low engine speed makes diesels well suited to heavy-duty usage when getting a load moving is more important than peak power. The fuel efficiency offered by diesel engines is a great reason for their popularity in commercial fleets as well. This doesn't mean that diesels are without their fair share of problems, however, and any fleet where vehicles are kept for the long-term is likely to require repairs sooner or later. Read More 

How To Handle A Broken Headlight

Do you have a busted headlight? If so, you should do something fast to make sure that you see the road clearly and don't cause an accident. Besides, if you ignore your faulty headlights, you might get in trouble with the police. As there are several solutions for enhanced visibility these days, including LED bulbs, you should not drive a car with burned-out or broken headlights. Even if your older halogen headlights are still working, you can have them substituted for newer models during auto repair. Read More 

How To Know If It’s Time For New Tires On Your Automobile

No matter what type of automobile you have, the need for proper tires is something that is universal. They help make sure that you are able to safely get where you need to go and they can have a lot to do with how quickly your vehicle uses fuel. To help ensure that you will know when it is time to get new tires for your vehicle, you will want to read through the following points. Read More 

2 Ways To Determine The Age Of Your Car’s Oil When You Don’t Know When It Was Last Changed

You probably know that changing the oil in your car on a regular basis is vital to keeping the engine running smoothly. However, you may not remember the last time that you had it changed, and you may have lost the sticker or paperwork that listed the date when the change was done. Fortunately, there are a couple of ways that you can determine the age and condition of your car's oil, which can tell you whether or not it needs to be changed. Read More 

3 Things To Take Care Of On Your Vehicle When You Have Some Extra Cash

When you have some extra cash, it can be fun to spend it on things you enjoy. However, it can be beneficial to spend your extra money on maintenance your vehicle needs to continue to provide you with a stable form of transportation. Not all vehicle maintenance is urgent; however, that doesn't mean it is not necessary. #1 Change Your Shocks & Struts Shocks and struts are what provide you with a smooth ride. Read More