4 Reasons Not To Put Off Auto Glass Repair

If you've recently noticed a small crack, chip, or even severe damage to one of the windows in your car, it's important to get this taken care of as soon as you can. Many people are tempted to wait a while to get a fix in order to save a bit of money, but this can be very dangerous and create more issues later. There are many skilled auto glass repair professionals who are willing and able to help you with a fix now. Read More 

Car Damaged In Recent Rear-End Collision? Check Your Transmission Now

If you recently experienced a rear-end collision, the first thing you might do is fix the structural damage in your car. But even if your car experienced minor cosmetic damage during the accident, you should still check the transmission for mechanical problems. Here's how rear-end collision causes problems for your transmissions and what you should do about them. Can a Rear-End Collision Damage Your Transmission? Rear-end collisions can affect multiple areas of your vehicle, including the fuel tank, rear axle, and wheels. Read More 

3 Things You Need To Know About Saving Money On Renting A Car This Holiday Season

If you are planning on going on vacation and renting a car this holiday season, make sure that you know how to save money on your auto rental. #1 Rent Away from The Airport The first thing you need to understand is that when you rent a car, you may end up paying more when you rent from the airport. When you rent from the airport, an airport surcharge is going to be added onto the regular rental charges. Read More 

3 Things To Know About Bad Brakes

Have you decided to invest in new brakes for your vehicle? If you have not already had the brakes inspected by a mechanic, you might want to do so before spending money on new ones. It is possible that something other than the brakes is the root of the problem, and it can be easy to find out. Below, you will learn some helpful information that will give you a general idea of what might be wrong with the brakes in your vehicle. Read More 

4 Things To Consider When Choosing A Car Repair Shop

Although your town may have several car repair shops that you can take your vehicle to, it may pay off to become loyal to one. If you always bring your car to the same shop, they may give you perks like discounts and shorter wait times. In order to pick one shop to patronize, you'll first need to do your research to figure out what one best fits your needs. In addition to getting recommendations from friends and family members, look into what specific services the various local mechanics offer. Read More