Keeping The Brakes Working On Your Car Or Truck With Regular Service

The brakes on your vehicle are critical and modern cars include more parts that can contribute to the way the system functions. Taking your vehicle to an auto brake service for maintenance and repair is essential, and the newer the car is, the more important it can be to find a shop specializing in brake systems. Brake Service Most cars do not have a specific brake service interval because the brake pads wear at different rates depending on the way you drive. Read More 

Why Is Your 2nd Generation Prius Consuming Oil?

Under normal circumstances, most gasoline engines should not consume any significant quantity of oil. While the 2nd generation (2004-2009) Toyota Prius uses a hybrid engine, its gasoline motor still requires engine oil for lubrication and cooling. Unfortunately, sometimes excessive oil consumption is a well-known problem on these vehicles. Oil consumption typically occurs due to internal engine issues. When oil enters the combustion chamber due to problems such as worn piston rings, your motor burns that oil and loses it through the exhaust stream. Read More